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The roar of chainsaws is becoming a familiar sound across Berkeley County.

Saturday, dozens of neighbors were out in their yards cleaning up the debris leftover from this week's winter storm. Large limbs and tress were scattered across many yards in the area.

The Tavelle family spent the entire day cutting limbs and moving them to the road to picked up by crews.

"It's a lot of broken things and damaged things, but we'll get through it," Kelly Tavelle said.

Tavelle has lived in Bonneau for many years. On Tuesday, as the storm came through, she said the sound of the trees snapping is one she will never forget.

"[I heard] this constant snap, crack," she said. "During [Hurricane] Hugo you couldn't hear it, but you could hear it. It was scary. You kept just wondering are we going to be ok?"

While the Tavelle family has had their power turned back on, others are not so lucky.

To help many families survive the cold temperatures, the American Red Cross provided meals to those in need in St. Stephen.

Image courtesy of WCBD-TV.