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Joseph Fields from Fields Family Farm works over 50-acres on Johns Island. A lot of his money is made by selling to area stores and restaurants.

Over the past couple of days he and hired hands have plucked and stowed what produce they could from the fields before the farm is totally robbed by a crop killing chill.

 “It will kill all the broccoli, all your collards, all your kale, all your mustard, all your chives.” said Fields.

On the farm the ebb and flow of success and failure is weather driven and this time it will not be droughts or floods but a quiet and thorough freeze that will be costly. Fields said on Monday he is expecting a 5-figure loss.

“We're looking to lose fifty to sixty thousand dollars maybe more. This cold is a hard freeze, it gets down into the teens it’s really hard on the crop. Thirties won't hurt it but get down to the teens, it will ruin it, ruin it.”

What about the other farms taking a hit on Johns Island, the lowcountry and the state? It could total millions after, a usually mild climate, suitable for year round growing gets a big bite of “real” winter cold.