From our News Partners at WCBD-TV:

A bill working it's way through the Statehouse could allow some grandparents to see their grandchildren. Not every parent allows their children to spend time with his or her grandparents.

Myrna Stephens has 6 grandchildren. She is allowed to spend time with them. On Tuesday afternoon, she was playing with one of her granddaughters at a park in Goose Creek. "Oh, they mean the world to me... they're wonderful. Wonderful. And they add so much to your life."

But not all grandparents get the opportunity to see their grandchildren at the playground. Some grandparents have not seen their grandchildren in years.

A bill that has passed the House, and is now in the state Senate, would allow a judge to grant visitation to grandparents of a minor child if one or both parents are dead, divorced, or separated and living in separate homes.  The parent would have to be denying visitation for more than 90 days.

Myrna says it's sad that a court would have to get involved, but, "I think that grandparents have a right to see their grandchildren if it all possible... I just would encourage the grandparents to try to reach some kind of understanding if it all possible. In order to see the grandchildren because it means a lot to their lives."

The bill is currently in the Senate Judiciary Committee. If it passes in the Senate, it would then be sent to Governor Haley's desk for her signature in order to become law.

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