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Could Daniel Island one day be a part of Charleston County? That's what is the talk of the island these days. Thursday, the island's homeowners association plans to address the issues with homeowners.

Berkeley County Councilman Tim Callanan lives on and represents Daniel Island. He says the homeowners association sent him and other residents notice about a meeting next week to address how well Berkeley County is serving Daniel Island residents. "It was pretty clear to me that that language had something to do with the potential changing of the county border."

He says Daniel Island would move from Berkeley County to Charleston County.

Berkeley County School Board Member Doug Cooper lives on and represents Daniel Island. He said several steps would have to take place if the change were to occur.

Some 10% of island voters, or 400-500 people, would need to sign a petition to join Charleston County. Then, a majority of voters would have to agree on a Daniel Island ballot referendum to join Charleston county. If that passes, a majority of Charleston County residents would have to vote to allow the change.

Callanan says there are some tax benefits to making a change. "We're paying about double what we would in Charleston County."

Some residents on Daniel Island, like Kelly Grant say a big reason they might support a move would be schools. Kelly says she voted for last year's bond referendum because she thought the district would be building new schools on Daniel Island, where kids could continue to walk or bike to school. "I think that as a voter, I feel a little bit misled about that."

The Berkeley County School district is considering building on a site on Clements Ferry Road.

Kelly says, "had I known that the referendum was to move the schools out of Daniel Island to somewhere else, I certainly wouldn't have been ok with that."

Cooper says district attorneys told him that even if Daniel Island votes to leave Charleston County, that would not mean the island would no longer be in Berkeley County's school ddistrict. He said that decision is made by the state.

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