From our News Partners at WCBD-TV:

Tuesday the Dorchester County Sales Tax Transportation Authority will release a progress report on road work around the County. Mr. Mark Pilgrim, Vice Chairman of the Authority, is expected to brief county council on the nearly two dozen projects underway.

One of those projects is the widening of Dorchester Road, which has been delayed because of weather, utility relocations, and failures with some of the new pavement structure. An investigation by engineering firm Davis & Floyd and the SCDOT determined base material for the road has a cement content below the specified amount. That isn't acceptable. A remediation plan for the base has been developed by the contractor, and it is being reviewed by Davis & Floyd and SCDOT. The remediation plan could start within a month at the expense of the contractor.

The issues pushed the completion date of the project back from November 2013 to March 2014.


Extends from US 17A to near Trolley Road, approximately 5 miles
Realigns Dorchester Road at US 17A to improve the intersection
Widens Dorchester Road from two to five lanes with 4' paved and 6' grass      shoulders from US 17A to approximately 0.14 miles west of Orangeburg Road
Widens Dorchester Road from two to five lanes with curb & gutter and 10' multi-use sidewalk on the north side from Oak Drive to Trolley Road
Lengthens the culvert at Sawmill Branch


Continuation of utility relocations throughout project
Continuation of work on first noise wall
Continuation of work on various retaining walls
Additional base placement & asphalt paving should start soon
Drainage construction ongoing

With voter approval of the one-cent sales tax, the Dorchester County Sales Tax Transportation Authority implemented a program that includes 22 road improvement projects. Projects include constructing new roadways, widening existing major thoroughfares, paving 260 miles of dirt roads, improving intersections, resurfacing streets, and repairing sidewalks.

Image courtesy of WCBD-TV.