From our News Partner at WCBD-TV:

The flooded streets in downtown Charleston led to an unfamiliar scene Sunday afternoon.

Ian Mills was directing cars around the flooded streets, as he always does when it rains, when he noticed something not so usual during his watery routine.

 "All of a sudden, fire trucks [and] and an ambulance drove by," Mills said. "I looked down Ashley Avenue, and they were all heading towards a small car that was kind of up of the street. As I walked down there, they started bringing an inflated boat towards the car. It was the whole [Charleston] County Rescue Team."

 As a woman was driving her car down Ashley Avenue between Fishburne and Congress Streets, a witness said her car became overtaken by water.

 "It looked like her car got floated off of the road and into a tree, so I am sure that was very traumatic," he said.

After not being able to get out of the water, the woman called for help. The waist deep water created challenges for the rescuers.

"It was definitely waist deep," Mills said. "I only got to the top of my boot, but the rescue team had it up to their waist, so it was way over the hood of her car and up on the windshield."

After about 30 minutes, rescuers strapped the woman to a backboard and towed her down Ashley Avenue to an awaiting ambulance. She was taken to a nearby hospital.

For Mills, this unusual scene had him and his neighbors worried.

"All the neighbors were out. We were clapping at the rescue officials for helping this woman. We all just felt bad that for some reason she just couldn't get out of her car," he said.

The woman's name, identity and condition have not been released at this time.

 If you encounter flooded streets, make sure not to drive by any barricades. If you must drive through the water, drive safely and steadily. Don't stop. To dry off your brakes, press the brake pedal with your left foot while slowly accelerating with your right.