From the AP, via WCBD-TV.

AP -
ABC News correspondent and former WCBD News 2 anchor Amy Robach says she has breast cancer, a month after she was given a mammogram on the air for a "Good Morning America" story.

She was asked by producers to have the mammogram for a story because she was 40, an age where women are encouraged to be more vigilant checking for breast cancer. She said a doctor told her the mammogram saved her life.

Robach was a frequent fill-in on ABC's morning show while Robin Roberts was fighting a serious blood and bone marrow disease.

She said Monday she'll have both breasts surgically removed Thursday.

Robach worked at News 2 in the late 1990's as an anchor and reporter.  She left the Lowcountry to work in Washington DC before taking a job at The Today show in New York.

Image courtesy of WCBD-TV.