From our News Partners at WCBD-TV:

A Goose Creek man and his wife are facing charges after police say he hit a 14 year old girl before leaving the scene of the accident. We spoke with two teenage brothers who witnessed the accident in front of their home.

At about 5:40PM Sunday, 13 year old Jameson Walker and his 15 year old brother Austin Walker heard some girls walking by the front of their Camelot Drive home. Jameson describes what they saw, "We heard some noises, so we looked back outside. We saw a greenish black car coming really fast at these girls, and they swerved into them… and the girl flew into the ditch, like actually flew. When she got hit she went into the ditch and the car accelerated really fast down the road."

The police report says Robert Semashko and his wife Donna Semashko were drinking at Sapphires Bar and Grill in Goose Creek before getting in the car and hitting the 14 year old girl.

Austin Walker described the girl right after the accident. "She wasn't doing too good. She was in a lot of pain. She was crying for her mom. And I can understand that."

The report says that after hitting the girl, the Semashkos left the scene, and drove down Camelot Drive to their house off Ricky court. At first, Donna Semashko told police she had been driving, for fear that her husband Robert would lose his job as a firefighter at Joint Base Charleston. She then said Robert had been driving.

Robert was charged with DUI and for the hit and run. Donna was charged with obstruction of justice.

Jameson said that the Walker brothers later went to the hospital to check on the girl. "Right now, she is fine. She has a bad limp, but she is fine. The bad thing was, the person who did it was a first responder firefighter."

15 year old Austin is just learning what it means to be a firefighter. "I volunteer with the Pimlico Fire Department. I just recently started like a couple days ago."

It's hard for him to understand how a firefighter could be involved in something like this. "Why would he do that? He helps people. Why would you want to hurt somebody? Cause you're the fire department. He could have at least stopped and checked on her."

Photo Credit: Turbo83 Shutterstock