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South Carolina is in the final preparations to sign a new piece of gun legislation into law.

Governor Nikki Haley announced on her Facebook page that she will sign Senate Bill 308 into law Tuesday morning. The bill will allow those who have a concealed weapons permit to bring a gun into a restaurant or bar.

The bill, however, does come with some restrictions.

Individual restaurant and bar owners are given the choice to follow this new law. If they choose not to, the owners are required to put up a sign banning the guns. Also, if someone who brings the gun is drinking, that person is not allowed to have the gun on them.

Gov. Haley said that is an important piece to remember.

"You're not allowing people with guns to drink," she said. "You're allowing people who normally have guns to bring them into the restaurant when they normally wouldn't be able to."

Defense Attorney David Aylor said the biggest question to come out of this bill revolves around who will be in charge of enforcing the bill.

"That will something that's interesting to see exactly what they do," he said. "Will it be a situation where you'll see law enforcement going out into different bars and restaurants trying to determine if people that are carrying weapons are actually drinking or will it be left just to the bartenders, waiters and waitresses?"

Aylor also said he doubts wait staff at a restaurant will be forced to, "pat down," those whom they see drinking and possibly possessing a gun.

There has also been discussions about an increase in shootings because of this bill. Late last year, a Goose Creek mother was shot and killed when someone shot a gun in a parking lot, and the bullet went through the wall and killed her.

Aylor said there could be a chance to see more criminal activity.

"Generally speaking, the fact that more people will be carrying these into more public establishments like local restaurants or bars could definitely have some concern for potential criminal violent activity," he said.

Gov. Haley will sign the bill into law in a public meeting Tuesday at 8:30.

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