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From our News Partners at WCBD-TV:

  BERKELEY COUNTY, SC - The heavy rain and high tides today caused severe flooding in parts of Berkeley County.

One of those areas was along Turkey Creek in Hanahan where homeowners say they saw some of the worst flooding in years.

Homeowners said it was so much rain that people's front yards in Berkeley County turned into sitting bodies of water.

Jody Huggins lives on Redeemer Drive in Hanahan and said the flooding in front of his home happens often, but on Sunday, it was bad. "I see a pond in the yard, pretty much. As long as it stays away from the house, that's our thoughts and prayers," said Huggins.

While Huggins was fortunate the flood waters stayed out of his home, some of his neighbors weren't so lucky.

Alex Antol lives across the street and told News2, “I got about 18 inches of water in my garage. I had to move my car in to get them out of there or they would've been flooded. It's just a rough day." Ray Boltin also lives in the neighborhood and explained, "It's looking like a flood zone, it really is.  This is one of the worst events we've had in quite a while.  I've lived here 40 years and this rivals what we had in Hurricane Hugo!"

And although this wasn't a hurricane, many said for a few hours, it sure looked like one.

During mid-day, street signs sat in several inches of water, walkway lights leading to homes were completely submerged, and cars - big and small - just plowed through slippery, soaked streets.

And while the rain has subsided for now, our meteorologists say it could be back soon.

Image courtesy of WCBD-TV.