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 HANAHAN, SC - A condemned house collapsed on a man in Hanahan Thursday afternoon trapping him inside.  Another man was in the home at the time of the collapse. He was able to make it out without serious injury.

Hanahan Police say the home on 6029-B Tampa Street in the Avalon in the Pines subdivision was in the process of being demolished.

Lt. Fowler says its not clear if the man was a professional or was just helping out but someone apparently hit a support beam during the demolition causing it to collapse.  The man's legs were pinned and he suffered possible head injuries, according to Fowler. 

He was rushed to the Medical University of South Carolina via a helicopter.  There were no other reports of injuries.  Crews spent the rest of the afternoon demolishing the rest of the home.

According to the Berkeley County tax map data online, the house is about 20 x 20 feet, for a total of about 400 square feet of space.

Neighbors say the home was empty for years.

We did some digging and learned that back on October 25th of 2013, the City of Hanahan deemed the home, "unfit for human occupancy." Then on December 6th, 2013, the city issued a permit to the owner of the property to allow the removal of the structure.

Jessie Jamison lives two doors down from the home. "I was in my house. I let my dogs out, (because) they were hearing people. There (were) four guys working on the house a little bit away from me. And I was sitting in the house, and I heard a collapse, and then I heard the ambulance and looked outside. There was a guy stuck up underneath the house."

No word on the condition of the man. Lt. Fowler says when the man entered the helicopter, he was conscious.

Image courtesy of WCBD-TV.