From our News Partners at WCBD-TV:

On a weekend when most people are celebrating, the Carolina Coonhound Rescue is working to shed light on some souls who've never been shown any compassion.

 Poncho and Lefty, two hounds found abandoned in Berkeley County last week, represent an entire slew of hunting dogs that come rolling into rescues this time of year.

 "They're not fed often. They're not taken good care of and then they're just let go, not even taken to a rescue," Carolina Coonhound board member, Jennifer Williams said.

 "We're inundated with e-mails just after January 1st when hunting season ends because people find dogs in this condition and worse just let go," board member Dana Morgan said. "We're a small rescue with limited resources so I don't know what happens to a lot of them, we take what we can, get them fixed up, it's a lot of money and people helping."

 It will take a lot of work just for the two rescued last week. At only a year old, parasites, heartworms and fleas are just a few things eating away at their health. Both are also more than 20 pounds underweight.

 Williams is also an attorney and said this kind of neglect is a crime.

 "This isn't just a difference between how people choose to live their lives, and we love dogs and other people just don't love dogs as much as us," she said. "There's a reason why our legislature made neglecting and abusing and starving: kids, elderly people and dogs a crime. Because it's that bad."

 Now these dogs have a ways to go before they're healthy, at least a couple months of treatment, but they're learning to love people and may someday trust another human with their life.

Image courtesy of WCBD-TV.