Holidays are typically busy but the Isle of Palms County Park Manager, Cynthia Wilson, told News 2 this year continues to break previous records for number of people at the beach.

"Now that Folly Beach no longer permits alcohol on the beach," Wilson said more people are heading to the Isle of Palms.

She said two weeks ago there were nearly 1,100 cars in the IOP county park, meaning there were easily several thousand people on the beach. In addition to the crowds, they've also had an increase in riptides this year too, leading to more emergency responses.

"We have seen an increase in water rescues this season due to the changes of the beach area and those rip currents," she said. "We've had a lot of emergency calls this season and I would just advise people, you know, when you're coming out watch your children! Over Memorial Day weekend, that three day weekend, we had a total of 26 missing children from this facility, all were found, but it's just important parents know especially when it's so crowded out there to watch your children. They go in the water, they turn around to come back and there's so many people they can't find their parents."