Proposed Roundabout at Harbor View Road and Fort Johnson Road

Thursday James Island town leaders will tackle the Harbor View Road project. Plans to modify the road started in 2006, but it's been debated and even the source of a lawsuit over the last seven years. Council is expected to vote on the current plans Thursday, which the mayor expects will pass.

 Under the new proposal, the intersection at Harbor View and Fort Johnson Roads will be turned into a roundabout. One issue with previous plans was closing off Sterling Drive where it connects to Harbor View. The new modifications incorporate the road into the design of the roundabout. Some of the other modifications include additional cross walks across Harbor View Road from the surrounding neighborhoods to shopping centers; turning lanes; additional traffic signals at busy intersections; and better walking and biking paths along the two mile stretch between North Shore Drive and Fort Johnson Road.

 Construction could start Spring of 2014. Charleston County will request municipal consent for the Harbor View Road Improvements project from the city of Charleston on July 16 and from the town of James Island Thursday night.