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Shortly before 10:30 Saturday night Charleston County Sheriff deputies responded to a domestic disturbance between adult brother and sister on Greenhill Road James Island.

The woman told deputies her brother, 51-year-old Derryl Drayton, threatened her and fled the location. Deputies searched the area and located Drayton between Greenhill and Seaside Lanes.

According to the Sheriff's office, Drayton was not cooperating with deputy's commands and began swinging at the deputies then took off running.

When deputies caught up with him again, they said he had a knife and was showing aggression towards the deputies on scene, even threatening to harm himself. Deputies tazed Drayton twice and both times he allegedly kept walking.

Drayton allegedly stabbed one of the deputies in the knee with the knife then two deputies fired shots.

On Sunday, Drayton's family are friends are calling for a full fledged investigation.

"I hope with this investigation, SLED and everybody else, that they come to a conclusion and explain to my father, my mother who is sick, and to the family why my baby brother's life was taken," Marcella Drayton said.

While authorities have yet to release more information about the fight between Drayton and his other sister, Marcella said her family is incredibly close and never thought an argument who lead to her brother's death.

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