From our News Partners at WCBD-TV:

The man police say shutdown the Ravenel Bridge Friday night is the same man who shutdown the bridge two years ago.

Phillip DeClemente, 40, was arrested and charged with failure to yield to blue lights, making threats and stalking.

Authorities said they attempted to stop DeClemente Friday night, Jan. 31, but he did not stop and officers did not chase him. Police said DeClemente called 911 a short time later, telling dispatchers that he was on the Ravenel Bridge. Officers had to shutdown the bridge until DeClemente was arrested and his car was towed.

This is not DeClemente's first time shutting down the Ravenel Bridge.

February 2, 2012 DeClemente was in a nearly 4-hour-long standoff with police. DeClemente's parked his white Lexus on the bridge with the words, "Stay away," "Game over," and "Bomb inside," painted on the windows.

He was arrested and charged with reckless driving in that incident and spent 30 days in MUSC psychiatric care.

DeClemente is currently at the Al Cannon Detention Center where he will receive a mental evaluation per judges orders. DeClemente may also go by the name of Alec Rochford.

In bond court Saturday morning the alleged victim asked the judge for bond restrictions, claiming DeClemente stalks him and his work clients, "he knows how to make your life miserable," the victim told the judge.

The judge ordered DeClement to have no contact with the victim or anyone associated with the victim.

According to the court documents, between Jan. 26 and Jan. 31 DeClemente was sending the victim threatening text messages and then appeared at the victim's residence screaming "come out and face me so I can take care of you once and for all!"

DeClemente will stay behind bars with a $520,000 bond for the failure to stop and threat charges but no bond on the stalking charge. His next court date is February 14.

Photo Credit: Mark VanDyke Photography Shutterstock