From our News Partners at WCBD-TV:

A reduced sentence will stand for the man who killed a 72-year-old woman while driving drunk the wrong way on Interstate 26. Prosecutors and relatives of Eleanor Caperton made a plea to judge Thomas Hughston to reinstate Samuel McCauley's 10 years sentence. Hughston cut it from ten to five years earlier this year.

"I doubt if my sister is going to get the justice that she deserves for her death," Phyllis Savenkoff said.

"South Carolina has this hard stance on 'Sober or Slammer.' Well, where's the back up to that? Slammer? Yeah for a little while. Why don't we have tougher sentences? How is that you can get a longer sentence for a drug conviction than you can for taking someone's life? It's not fair and we need some judicial issues worked out for the state of South Carolina," Caperton's niece Gina Buchardt said.

Representatives for the Mothers Against Drunk Driving South Carolina attended the hearing to support the family.

"The fact that he did not cost the state a trial, that he plead guilty should be worth something. So, I thought the 10 was pretty much perfect. I'm just real disappointed that a judge does not see it that way," Laura Hudson said.

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