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UPDATE: Parents of students at the Southside bus stop say they're happy to hear Jason Zimmerman was arrested but are still confused as to why it took more than twelve hours to charge him.

The students claim Zimmerman threatened them with his weapon after they were being too loud outside of his house at their bus stop.


Savannah-Chatham Metropolitan Police say they have charged a Savannah man with terroristic threats after he threatened students walking to a school bus stop with a handgun Friday morning.

Jason Gregory Zimmerman, 28, of a Burbank Boulevard address, was charged after Southside Precinct and Savannah-Chatham County Public School System officers had interviewed almost 20 students.

Southside Precinct officers were called in to support campus police at Pasadena Boulevard and Burbank Street about 7 a.m. after students reported Zimmerman had approached them about being loud. During the discussion they said he produced a handgun and made threatening comments.

Both agencies continue to investigate.

It started as an ordinary morning for Chatham County students.

But according to several middle school and high school students at a bus stop on the Southside, it became dangerous when a man allegedly threatened them with a gun.

Parents say the man even went so far as to show them bullets from the weapon, but he tells WSAV that is not how it went; in fact, he says, that's not even close.

"There is no way that I could have taken this out and they seen it, they would have known what color it was," says the man at the center of the controversy, Jason Zimmerman as he showed us his green and black weapon. "That's the only way that I can get it out to get the magazine out to get a bullet out of the gun."

Zimmerman says the kids were being loud and rowdy, and after telling them to go further down the street, called the cops himself.

"I understand that they are kids," he says. "I've been there, done that, what upsets me is they're not respectful enough to go down [the street] and do it where no one lives."

He also says the father of one of the boys who was at the bus stop came to his house and began showing Zimmerman his weapon.

The Chatham County Board of Education Police Department is working with Metro PD to investigate the situation, but many parents are still concerned.

"I immediately went to the school after finding out what happened this morning, I spoke with campus police," says Erika Wiggins-Mitchell, whose daughter was at the bus stop. "Children are being lost in society, it takes a village to raise a child and sometimes this village needs to get together."

The school district says they are in the process of moving the bus stop because of this incident and Saturday, they will be hand-delivering the new location to those being affected by the change.

There will also be an officer stationed at the old location for the next several weeks to remind students and parents of the change.

 Chatham County School Board officials say campus police are investigating claims that a man brandished a gun at students at a bus stop Friday morning.

Campus police as well and Savannah Chatham Metro responded to Pasadena Street around 700 am.  There middle and high school students claimed a man pulled a gun, pointed it at them, and made threats.

School Board Officials say the man was not arrested at the time but the investigation continues.  Campus police continue to interview students and other witnesses.  We'll continue to follow this story and bring you the latest.

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