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A judge ruled Monday that the man accused in a murder for hire plot targeting his wife is to remain behind bars. Now the alleged intended victim and her 19-year old daughter offer their thoughts on the case to a wide audience.

There were no recording devices allowed when Emily and Nancy Latham Addressed the judge in Federal court on Monday. Only those in the court room witnessed the tearful plea. But on Tuesday they took their story and concerns about Chris Latham national.

19-year old Emily Latham and her Mother voiced their concerns to the Federal Judge on Monday. Tuesday morning Emily was asked on CNN's New Day, if she thought her father was capable of plotting a murder for hire.

"I feel that people are capable of things that we don't know, and I've grown up with this man. He lived with us for the first 17 years of my life and it's just been so difficult trying to figure out what he would like to do, what he would not like to do, what he is going to do next. And I really just don't want to risk the chance that he could do something to hurt me or my family."

It is surprising to a lot of people that Chris Latham, husband, father, volunteer and former bank executive would be a part of such an alleged plot. The interviewer on CNN's New Day asked Nancy if she thought money was the motive in the alleged plot.

"It has to be. I can't imagine any other reason. You know, for four people that I have never spoken to, that I have never met, that I have never had a conversation with to have such detailed information about me and to be involved in this, the only thing that I can wrap my brain around is that it had to be tied into our divorce"

She was also asked the question if she is being vindictive and if this is playing out against her husband in a way that gives her leverage in divorce.

"There has been an enormous smear campaign that they're trying to run and I understand that because if I had done something illegal, I would certainly try to deflect from that. So I understand what they're trying to do. I certainly don't appreciate it. I think it's relatively horrific that they are still trying to push accountability elsewhere when the evidence shows otherwise."

News 2 talked to Chris Latham's attorney Steve Schmutz, about the CNN interview and asked if he is planning to say anything to defend his client, he said he will wait for the courtroom and added he should know soon the exact date of the jury trial.

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