From our News Partners at WCBD-TV:

Residents of a condo community in North Charleston say they are already talking to a Mount Pleasant attorney and may file a complaint against the North Charleston Sewer District if their flood damages are not compensated.

Last weekend the ditch behind the condos on Lucille Drive overflowed with storm water. A sewage station pump was over worked and could not keep up. Ultimately overflow from the rain caused the sewage water at a manhole to overflow, backing up into a toilet in the complex. The dirty water damaged two units.

This is also the second time a downpour of rain has caused the sewage problem. The first incident occurred in 2008 and a total of 10 homeowners were affected, said Riverway residents. This second time only two residents are having to check their drywall for mold and one is having to replace the entire carpet on her first floor.

North Charleston's Sewer District has left Tort Claim Forms for them to fill out. However, this does not mean they are guaranteed compensation for their damages. Residents have to prove that the sewer district was negligent.

 According to the sewer district's manager, Mary Trussell, the district is assessing the situation out at Riverway and says they are trying to eliminate storm water from going into the sewage system. They are also researching flow and monitoring the system during both wet and dry periods.

Also there is a mobile home community that has their private sewage system  that dumps water the district's sewage system that is out of their control.

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