From our News Partners at WCBD-TV:

Some neighbors in the Westside Neighborhood of downtown Charleston are upset that runners in the Charleston Marathon may have damaged their baseball field.

Arthur Lawrence is the president of the Westside Neighborhood Association and says cars used the community baseball field as a parking area, left tire marks and ruined the grass.

"It looked like a parking garage," Lawrence said.

Lawrence says that the baseball diamond is still new and he is upset that it was not respected.

"It's definitely going to cost money and going to have to put time and resources into it to bring it back, because you can see... the way it is torn up and messed up with cars driving all over the baseball diamond. It is definitely going to need work and I think that either the city or the people that sponsor the race should bare the brunt of fixing it and putting it back in right shape," Lawrence said.

He says this park means a great deal to the youth of the community and nearby Burke High School.

"To have some place nice for the kids to play and somewhere nice for the high school to play their baseball game and to have people come into the community that don't have any ties to community and spoil that, it's a shame," he added.

The director of the Charleston Marathon, Liz Alford, says that runners were not sanctioned to park in that baseball field. Parking was provided at Burke High School and there was an overflow lot at MUSC. She says that volunteers were at the local community center directing traffic and advised runners to not park there.

Marathon officials are working with Charleston city officials and are awaiting the assessment of the damage. They will then figure out the appropriate way to assist.

Image courtesy of WCBD-TV.