Monday night, officials got an update on the project from engineers constructing the road. The Dorchester Road project is a 5 mile stretch of road in Dorchester County that runs from 17a to near Old Trolley Road.

 Engineers working on the project say as soon as medians are installed, they can open up lanes in both directions approaching the Bacons Bridge Rd. and Dorchester Rd. intersection.

But engineers, saying Monday, there are delays finishing the actual intersection because of drainage construction. They say once that is done, they can finish paving.

They say in the middle of the week this week, they will probably have a traffic shift between Bacon’s Bridge and Orangeburg Rd. to move traffic to the other side to allow the drainage to be done.

Officials at DCTA have cited that the wrong pavement was ordered, weather delays and utility pole movement issues, as reasons for delays with the project.

The purpose of the to help traffic flow: that includes adding more lanes and improving the intersections.