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The first day of school can always be a little stressful, but for some parents in Summerville, they say day one has been a nightmare.

News 2 spoke with several concerned and frustrated parents who say their kids don't have a bus stop, and with school back in session, they don't know what to do.

In the Lakes of Summerville community, several parents whose children attend Northwoods Middle School say the school bus that was supposed to pick up their kids never came.

“For the entire school day I was a nervous wreck." Solinay Falcon's son is in 6th grade at Northwoods Middle School in the Charleston County School District, and on Monday morning, confusion at the bus stop had Solinay and many other parents in their neighborhood very concerned. Falcon said, "There was about five of us and we were waiting with our children for about 45 minutes, and the bus never came."

Another parent, Ginger Thompson, said the original bus stop that the district gave to her daughter was on Lincolnville Road; which is three quarters of a mile from her home. She says the walk to that bus stop is not only dangerous but unrealistic for any child to walk alone. Thompson's daughter, Cebastian, explained, "Lincolnville road, it doesn't have any sidewalks. So me and my mom we were on the edge and there was a ditch on the side and fast cars coming by. We were terrified and it was a long walk - it wasn't safe at all."

On Monday, Thompson said she tried to take her daughter to the closer bus stop in her neighborhood, which is at the intersection of Coosawatchie and Savannah River Drive, but that bus never showed.

When she called the Charleston County School District's Transportation Office, she was told that she was at the wrong stop, and that they were having problems with their system. Thompson said, "The distances were put in wrong in their GPS. Where that comes from, I do not know."

We tried to contact Durham School Services, and the school district's transportation office to ask what was going on, but we never got a call back.

Parent in Summerville now say they're left in the dark, wondering where their kids will get on the bus for the rest of the school year.

Falcon said, “Hopefully by the end of the week, at the very least, somebody will let me know where I will drop my son off."

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