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NORTH CHARLESTON, SC - In a response to a video going viral on Facebook the North Charleston Police Department said they are investigating an officer's use of profane language towards a 15-year-old female.

 According to witnesses, the girl was waiting in line for new shoes at Northwoods Mall and was being pushed in line when police grabbed her and asked her to leave the property. The witness said since the girl was too young to drive she was trying to call her mom to pick her up.

According to the police report, when Sgt. Dante Ghi saw her still on the property he planned an arrest for trespassing after a warning. The report states the sergeant had to grab the female to make the arrest. "I restrained her left wrist with a handcuff and attempted to grab the right wrist. I placed my right knee in the mid back of the female. The female refused to comply with multiple directives to surrender her hand.... Officers were able to remove a cellular telephone from her right hand and restrain her right wrist," Ghi reported.

In video of the arrest, which has been shared on Facebook more than 400 times, the girl is heard crying for the officer to untighten her arm as she lays over the hood of a car. Meanwhile, the officer threatens her in a statement laced with the four letter F word:

 Girl: "Please please just untighten me and my arm is twisted ...listen..."

 Officer: "Do you understand me?"

 Girl: "Yes, sir."

 Officer: "Do you f--- understand?"

 Girl: "Yes, sir!"

 Officer: "Is there anything you don't understand because I'm telling you if you get up off this f--- hood again I'm going to throw you on the f--- ground and I'm going to sit on your mother f--- head."

 Girl: "Sir, my arm! It's hurting!"

 Officer: "Do you understand that?"

 Girl: "Yes sir, but my arm!"

Officer: "If you wouldn't have f--- resisted you wouldn't have that problem."

 Girl: "I did not resist. But my arm is hurting!"

 Officer: "Yes you did, I sat there and f--- watched you."

North Charleston Police Department released this statement from the chief Monday afternoon, “The North Charleston Police Department, Office of Professional Standards, initiated an investigation into an arrest at Northwood’s Mall on Saturday, December 14, 2013. A video showing a portion of the incident has been obtained by investigators. The video shows a police officer using profane language directed towards the person being arrested. At this time the investigation is not complete, but the language used in the video is not acceptable by department policy or our standard of professional conduct.” Eddie Driggers North Charleston Chief of Police.

According to the police report, EMS and the girl's mother arrived on scene shortly after. The officer wrote in the report that he knows the teenager's mother as an employee at the North Charleston Clerk of Court's office. She approached the officer to inform him he broke the girl's phone.

The teenager did not go to jail but was handed into the custody of her parent upon arrival.

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