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Brown is wanted in Charleston County for felony custodial interference. Last month, South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley sent the warrant to the Oklahoma Governor to consider.

Late Wednesday, Gov. Fallin signed the warrant claiming that Brown has not been willing to work with the Capobianocs to come to an agreement on custody of 3-year-old Veronica.

 "Unfortunately, it has become clear that Dusten Brown is not acting in good faith. He has disobeyed an Oklahoma court order to allow the Capobianco's to visit their adopted daughter and continues to deny visitation," Governor Fallin said in a statement.

The Oklahoma Governor also said Brown is violating decisions made in both Oklahoma and South Carolina.

"He is acting in open violation of both Oklahoma and South Carolina courts, which have granted custody of Veronica to the Capobianco's. Finally, he has cut off negotiations with the Capobianco's and shown no interest in pursuing any other course than yet another lengthy legal battle," she said.

There is no word on when Brown will be extradited back to Charleston County.

Brown has requested a hearing to contest the extradition.

"A hearing will still be in place which I think is set for September 12. At this point Gov. Haley sent the extradition warrant to Oklahoma. The governor in Oklahoma has singed it. The hearing will still go forward," Charleston attorney David Aylor explained.

"They will wait for Mr. Brown who was out on bond prior to this to now return to the jail and await his hearing coming up next week," Aylor said.

"This is not a guilt or innocence phase of a criminal charge. They have to look at specific terms of exactly what it is the charge that he has been charged with in South Carolina... How that applies and whether it or not it is recognized by the state of South Carolina," Aylor continued.

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