From our News Partners aT WCBD-TV:

North Charleston has finalized the sale of the former Naval Hospital on Rivers Avenue to a development company promising to give the hospital a much-needed makeover.

Back in 2012, North Charleston purchased the hospital and promised they would work to develop the building to include a grocery store, senior center and make room for additional medical services.

Chicora Gardens, LLC announced Wednesday that they finalized the purchase of the building from North Charleston to begin the development plans. While city officials were specific with what they hoped the building would feature, the project manager declined to mention exactly what will be featured in the building.

"We hate to talk about deals in advance because there is potential to scuttle deals when you talk about them in advance, Douglas Durbano said by phone Thursday afternoon.

In the official announcement of the sale, Durbano said the hospital would become, "a Health and Social Service Hub to better serve the community."

Durbano said he hopes his company will begin making official announcements about which businesses will be building in the hospital within the coming months.

News 2 has uncovered, however, that Durbano is part of an on-going lawsuit in Utah involving the bank of which he was president. The state of Utah seized the bank because they said it was failing. Durbano said that was not the case, so he and the other owners have filed suit against the state.

"It never failed," he said. "It was simply seized as a government function and given to a different bank to operate for frankly reasons that were wrong [and] illegal."

The case has been on-going since 2011. Durbano said he could not say where the case stood since it is pending litigation. He said he is confident that his legal battle will not delay any part of North Charleston's redevelopment.

"It will have no affect," he said.

Image courtesy of WCBD-TV.