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The South Carolina Department of Transportation held an informational meeting Thursday night about a major intersection change on James Island. The meeting took place at Fort Johnson Middle School.

The intersection at the corner of Camp Road and Riverland Drive is going to be rebuilt.

Rick Day is a project engineer with Stantec, the company handling design of the project. "It's a safety project. In the last 8 years, there were about 30 crashes that happened there. About 1/3 of those with injuries."

Day says officials looked at several options to make the intersection safer. "We came up with a roundabout design, the concept we preferred. Basically, we met with the public and discussed that."

Some who live near the intersection, like Louise Pecevich, have some questions. "Our community, the Riverland Crossing Homeowners Association and Neighborhood Council, has been very active since learning about this project last December."

They agree that the intersection needs to be improved, but they have a number of concerns. "At least two of our homes will lose private property. The roadway will be literally in the back yards of folks, who will see their property values plummet. We are also very much concerned about drainage issues and other environmental issues that will also be impacted by this roadway."

Officials say the comments they received will all be read, and if possible, modifications may be made. But Day says there is no way to ease all of the concerns. "There will be right of way involved, no matter how we slice the apple."

Back in the Spring, the Riverland Crossing residents signed and sent a petition to numerous public officials. Pecevich is optimistic that some changes can be made. "Hopefully with the aid of our city councilors and the mayor hopefully, we'll be able to come up with a solution that's a win-win for everybody."

Construction on the project should begin near the end of next year. The work is expected to take about a year to complete.

Image courtesy of WCBD-TV.