The acting bug bit Summerville native, Johnny Wactor, as a kid.  

"I was like 8 years old," he told News 2 reporter, Rebecca Ryan, via Skype. "I was the little shepherd."

Along with being a standout swimmer,  in middle and high school Johnny spent time performing at Rollings School of the Arts and at Summerville High School.

Now the 2004 Greenwave graduate lives in LA where he was recently cast as a member of NBCs new faux, reality show called Siberia.

"There are definitely elements of me. Maybe I am a little more exaggerated. I get to play more of a jerk," the truly nice guy joked.  

On screen Johnny makes acting look easy and glamorous, but behind the scenes is hard work.  

"It's a skill and craft you work on for hours. You have to practice just like any other sport," the former swimming champion explained.  

While he's gaining popularity thanks to the new show, Johnny paid his dues when he moved to LA in 2009.  

"Everything in my apartment was furniture I got on the side of the street. We had air mattresses for three months up here. It's been a tough ride."

But it's worth the effort and rejection now.

Johnny met the show's creator while bar tending in LA. Johnny said he didn't know it at the time, but the creator got Johnny's phone number from a coworker and called him about the role a month later.

The chance encounter is  perhaps the opportunity of a lifetime.

"The show definitely, definitely gets better as the season goes on. It gets more interesting. I'm stoked for what happens after the season."

Since being away he said he misses his family and friends in the Lowcountry, along with the food.

His favorite part of LA is the diversity of people and activities.

As for what's next, he said he's already auditioning for his next role.