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No cause has been identified for the fire that destroyed a large portion of a North Charleston warehouse building Tuesday.  The fire started in suites A and B, which housed the Lowcountry Linen business. That business is now completely destroyed.

The damage was so severe, that is why officials have not discovered the cause of the fire.

Suite C is where the Meridian Automation and Communication company is located. The business suffered lots of smoke, fire and roof damage.

Meridian installs communications cables and security for businesses. Paula Filipiak is the office manager at Meridian. "When I got up this morning to come to work my son actually had got a text message from a firefighter who told him that when your mother gets to work this morning, she's going to be disappointed because her building caught on fire."

Firefighters allowed Filipiak to go inside for a few minutes this morning. "When I was able to walk in, there was probably about 2 feet of water on the ground. The office roof was caved in. Everything landed on my desk. Computers were dripping water. All of our computers were messed up dripping water out."

So the whole company is now operating, as best they can, in the parking lot. Papers that were saved are spread out in a pickup and an SUV.

Company co-owner Terrell Harvey says it's what they have to do to keep their 15 employees working, and keep their customers happy. "We've got to continue trying to respond to our customers and we're trying to do that."

Harvey says he's proud to see the business keep operating even while much of it's physical location is in ruins. "Everybody's here to help out. It makes you feel real good that they are willing to do stuff like we have right here, drying out paperwork."

Image courtesy of WCBD-TV.