From our News Partners at WCBD-TV:

According to documents obtained from the College of Charleston, a student of Enrique Graf made sexual harassment claims back in January.  In the affidavit, the student alleges Graf made "unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, unwanted physical contact, verbal sexual harassment and not-verbal sexual conduct."

The student says the harassment started during his freshman year while in lessons with Graf, who was a tenured faculty member in the Department of Music during that time. Documents say, "Mr. Graf made an inappropriate gesture towards [the student] by running his hands slowly up and down [the student's] back.

The document also states the student claims he was invited to Graf's home during his freshman year for alcoholic drinks, even though the student was under the age of 21.  They go on to claim Graf and the student smoked marijuana together at Graf's home before Graf asked the student if he wanted a massage.  Claims of inappropriate touching during that night were also made.

The student also alleges that, while on a trip to Paris for an annual music festival, Graf reserved one hotel room with only one bed. During their stay, the student claims Graf played pornographic films before performing oral sex on the student and asking the student to reciprocate.  Graf claimed that he purchased only one room for financial reasons but said there were two beds in the room.

The student told investigators that Graf provided incentives to the students including: as assistantship, a CD recording, and a recital in Uruguay, if the student did not leave the College of Charleston for graduate school.

During the investigation, Graf denied all of the alleged incidents of abuse, sexual harassment or touching of the student.  Graf told investigators he does touch his students, but in a way to, "determine correct posture, etc." according to documents.  

Graf stated that the student may have made the claims out of anger after Graf got involved in a break-up between the student and his girlfriend.

Graf said the student may also have made the claims for money, documents show. Graf said the student went through at lawsuit with doctors and, during that lawsuit, told Graf he would, "be a millionaire one day," documents say.

The College also investigated other sexual harassment claims against Graf from a man who said he was sexually abused from ages 13 to 19.

In March, George Hynd, Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs at the College, sent Graf a letter discussing the allegations.  Hynd said that Graf engaged in, "highly inappropriate behavior, in violation of […] college policies." Hynd said in the letter that Graf violated five different policies including ones that prohibit sexual harassment and violations of the employee drug and alcohol abuse policy.

Graf was suspended without pay, according to a letter from the President of the College of Charleston.

Graf resigned on June 4.  His attorneys deny all charges saying to News 2, the investigation was, "a sham."