Police say 54 year-old Roy Steward was murdered and his body was dismembered and placed into trash bags. Steward was reported missing January 14, 2014 from Bacons Bridge Road Creekside Mobile Home Park. A family member of Steward, who lives in Texas, called police to report Steward missing. Investigators questioned Steward's roommate about the missing man's whereabouts. It was determined by police the roommate was not telling the truth, and arrested 53 year-old Nancy Bently for lying to police.

Detectives searched Bently's car and found Roy Steward's body. According to the coroner, Steward's body was found in the trunk of  Bently's car. The car was towed to a lot where the police obtained a warrant and search the trunk where they found three large trash bags.
When police searched through the bags they found Steward's body. The bags were taken to the Dorchester County morgue for an autopsy.

A bond hearing is pending for suspect Nancy Bently.