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One in 88 children are on the autism spectrum.

It affects everyone differently but can mean big social challenges and difficulty communicating so something like surfing is typically out of the question.

However, Wednesday on Folly Beach surfing was the therapy some of the kids and their parents needed to end the summer, some of them Surfers Healing is the best day of the year for the autism community.

"He doesn't do well socially so for him to want to come out here, go with a stranger that he doesn't know, out there, totally trusting him was huge," Sondre Lakin said.

"It's magnificent," Marion Spear said, "It's an experience, I don't know how to explain it."

Spear started coming to Surfers Healing three years ago. Although she said her son, David, wasn't officially diagnosed with autism until last year.

Wednesday David surfed twice with assistance from professional surfers, cheerfully telling News 2 he was going to do it again.

David was obviously the one comforting his parents as he walked away, giving them the international sign to "hang loose."

"You wouldn't know anything when you see him smiling on the surfboard," his dad said, "Coming up, he's just happy, a different kid altogether."

Surfers Healing is a national organization, they have camps in many cities around the country every year and plan to host camps around the world by 2014. It will remain an annual event at Folly Beach.

Image courtesy of WCBD-TV.