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It's alleged on Monday he abducted a 17-year old Timberland High student and her mother from 2 different locations. Then after a long manhunt Telly McClam was arrested in Williamsburg County.

On Tuesday evening he had a bond hearing where McClam and his alleged victims came face to face once again in Berkeley County.

It was an emotional bond hearing where both the family of the suspect and the family of the alleged victims shared words after bond was set. The suspect Telly McClam is denied bond on all seven charges.

36-year old Telly McClam's charges include 2-counts of Kidnapping, 2-counts of Burglary and Criminal Sexual Conduct.

The Victims were willing to share some of their story after Tuesday's hearing. 17-year old LeAndre Jenkins was the first to be abducted Monday morning.

"I honestly thought that he was going to kill me. He had a loaded, cocked gun and a knife I thought he was going to kill me. I asked him how he got in, he said put on your shoes and come with me and he had a gun a knife in his hand."

It's believed that Abduction was all an attempt to get to LeAndre's Mother Deandene McHoney.

"Right after he broke into this house and took us in there and taped our feet together and our hands together, and told us to sit on the couch because he can kill us right now."

It's was after that the car was spotted with the two in the backseat, a high speed chase began McClam later stopped and took off on foot into the woods of Williamsburg County. He was caught a few hours later carrying a revolver the arrest went without incident.

McClam who was recently released from prison is facing up to 60 years just for the 2 kidnapping charges. He will have another hearing on December 13th.

Image courtesy of WCBD-TV.