From our News Partners at WCBD-TV:

The North Charleston Police Department is investigating two shootings that both happened Saturday, one was fatal.

NCPD said they are investigating the shooting that took place outside of the Circle "A" Convenience Store on Spruill Avenue about 10:00 a.m. Saturday morning.

"On scene officers found a black male victim on the ground suffering from gun shot wounds. The victim was later pronounced deceased. Witnesses say the victim and another black male subject were in a conversation outside of the store when suddenly the suspect pulled a handgun and fired several shots," NCPD spokesman Spencer Pryor said.

Police later arrested Tyronne Benn in connection with the murder. In bond court Sunday morning, a judge ruled Benn stay behind bars for allegedly murdering 25-year-old Samuel Coardes of North Charleston

The other shooting Saturday took place on South Allen Drive at the Cheapway gas station about 1:30 a.m. On scene, officers found the victim on the ground between two vehicles.

Bobby Warthaw was arrested and charged with attempted murder for that shooting. Officers found him laying in the driveway of a South Allen Drive residence and a pistol in a plastic recycle bin at the side of the house.

These mark the 32nd and 33rd shootings of the year in North Charleston.

Police chief Eddie Driggers said via statement, "the North Charleston Police Department continues daily to deploy assets and manpower throughout the city to ensure the safety of its citizens, reduce crime and maintain a relationship of trust with members of the community."

Both suspects in this weekend's shootings remain behind bars. Benn is held without bond for murder and Warthaw is held without bail for attempted murder. If something happened and those charges were dropped, both still have a $100,000 weapons charge.

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