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Josh Lydell has been preparing for the journey of a lifetime for weeks. Walking daily with his family engineered cart, eating well and mentally preparing to travel some 2,800 miles by foot.

On March 3, he will begin his long trek across the United States.  His goal is to travel from Charleston, S. C. to San Francisco, Calif. all in an effort to raise awareness and funds for the Wounded Warriors Project.

The former marine says he wants millions of people to donate one dollar each and isn't wishing for one large donation from a single individual.

Lydell is a native from New York and thought it best to start his journey after visiting friends in the Holy City.

Inside his steel cart are essential supplies including water, protein bars, an emergency kit and other supplies to help keep him clean as he travels the distance from South to West.  

If you would like to follow his journey and help contribute you can reach Lydell at :

Photo Credit: Christian Carollo Shutterstock