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Glenn Davis is a veteran himself. He says with the fall/winter soon on the way, many homeless folks will need a way to stay warm at night. He is asking you for donations of sleeping bags or money to help veterans.

According to the South Carolina Coalition for the Homeless, more than 6,000 people are homeless on any given day in the state.

You can drop off donated sleeping bags or money at the Salvation Army. They are located at 4248 Dorchester Road in North Charleston. Their phone number is 747-5271.

Davis says while he is a veteran of the military during peaceful times, he wants to help the veterans who may not have come home from war with a heroes welcome, "To thank them, especially Vietnam and Korean (veterans.) Because (some of them are) ashamed that they were in that war, but they shouldn't be. They did their part in fighting for their country and it was still for a good cause."

Davis is asking for new sleeping bags. He says his goal is to collect 1500 sleeping bags.

You can learn more about the homeless in South Carolina at http://www.schomless.org/, the website of the South Carolina Coalition for the Homeless.

Learn more about the Salvation Army at www.salvationarmycarolinas.org.

And learn more about homeless veterans in South Carolina at http://www.supportscveterans.org/.

Image courtesy of WCBD-TV.