From our News Partners at WCBD-TV:
Hundreds of families, considered victims of homicide, came together in fellowship on Saturday afternoon for a picnic at Riverpark in North Charleston.

The event was hosted by the Charleston County Sheriff's Office of Victim Services and MUSC Crime Victims' Center.

"We lost our daughter on October 1 2004, she was killed by her husband and then he took his life, said Douglas Warner. "Meetings like these helped us get through it because everyone that goes to these meetings is going through the same thing that we have."

At the center of the picnic were tables filled with hamburgers and hot dogs and while families say they have learned to cope with the reality of things they can't help but wish their loved ones where there to enjoy a beautiful Saturday afternoon at the park.

"This is my daddy. You see my daddy!" said a little boy as he pointed to a clip board filled with photos of Charleston County's homicide victims.

His grandmother, Yolanda Shine, says her son was gunned down two years ago in downtown Charleston.

"It's senseless," said Shine.

Another woman who lost her son in 2007 said the event really helps, but as much as she enjoys making new friends, she hates to see people join the group.

Image courtesy of WCBD-TV.