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Spartanburg County Sheriff Chuck Wright says an April Fools prank at a Virginia College prompted deputies to swarm the school.

Officials say Angela Timmons, 54, an employee at Virginia College in Spartanburg, sent a text to a family member out of state about a school shooting. The family member called 911 to report the incident.

Timmons has been charged with disturbing school, breech of peace and unlawful use of the telephone.

According to an incident report, Timmons told authorities she sent her daughter the message that stated she heard shots fired inside the school.

Timmons told investigators she had pulled similar pranks on Aprils Fools Day in the past.

Officials say there was no evidence on her phone that she stated it was a joke.

Sheriff Wright told 7 On Your Side he was pleased with the fast response and will not tolerate threats like this.

Timmons left jail Tuesday night on an $18,000 P.R. bond.

She told 7 On Your Side that she is sorry that a personal message with her daughter blew up into something she didn't intend.

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