(NEWSER– With antibiotic resistance building, experts fear a day when everyday bacterial infections could once again be life-threatening—and a new federal study shows "we're getting closer and closer to the cliff," says a CDC rep. Already, two million people each year suffer from antibiotic-resistant infections, and 23,000 of them die, the study suggests. And that could just be the best-case scenario, based on very conservative estimates that count only deaths directly tied to such infections, the New York Times reports. "This is a floor," says a top CDC official. "We wanted the cleanest number, the least subjective number." The Times and Reuters note the report specifies 17 drug-resistant bacteria and one fungus, including antibiotic-resistant gonorrhea; C. difficile, which causes potentially fatal diarrhea; and CRE, which is now resistant to almost every single antibiotic.

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