(Kansas City, MO)  --  President Obama is challenging congressional Republicans to "stop being mad all the time  --  stop hatin' all the time."  


Speaking in Kansas City, Obama highlighted declining unemployment and a robust manufacturing sector.  He insisted, "Things are getting better."  Before his remarks, the President got some more good news on the economy.  The U.S. Gross Domestic Product expanded at a rate of four percent in the second quarter. The GDP growth was higher than expected and could create higher expectations for the last six months of 2014.  The President said he's glad that the GDP has grown but noted that many people should be earning more than the minimum wage.  Obama has been urging congressional Republicans to agree to a hike in the national minimum wage.  He argued that a wage hike will help struggling families while pumping more money into the economy.


Obama also mocked House Republican plans to sue him for executive overreach.  He called it a taxpayer-funded political stunt in an election year.  The President noted that legal wheels turn slowly and predicted, "By the time the thing is done, I will have left office."  

PHOTO: Getty Images