And statististics!

OK, so follow this logic: Democrats are, apparently, concerned that the momentum building for Hillary Clinton's run is sapping away funding from the 2014 midterms. She is so popular that donors are going to flock to her messiah-like campaign, and the Democrats are going to screw the whole thing up because they won't have enough campaign cash to challenge and hold some much-needed seats. Adding to that, the predestined nature of the Clinton campaign has basically ended the notion of a primary process on the liberal side. 

So far, so good?

None other than Dick "The Attack Poodle" Harpootlian is in on the fun as well. The former head of the South Carolina Democratic Party basically laments the lack of a primary process in this article by the Wall Street Journal.

Still good?

OK, now for two very simple problems:

1. The Democrats have the early funding lead. Even with Hillary vacuuming off the money momentum (sucking the momentum away seemed oddly inappropriate a phrase to associate with the Clintons), they are still raising more cash.

2. If that is true, then why the worry about Hillary? My humble guess is to provide an excuse, or excuses, for future losses.

See Democrats never lose on the merits, just ask Democrats. If they lose 2014, or 2016, they will need a flurry of things to blame it on. Let the flurries begin to fall.

Just for fun, let's remember another idiotic Democrat excuse...

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