Ezra Klein. Name ring a bell?

For years, Ezra has run a section of WaPo's website called the Wonkblog, mostly explaining how liberalism didn't fail because it wasn't tried enough, or hard enough, or on enough people. To his credit, however, he did include stories about how conservatism had failed because liberals had tried it too much.

Ah, the diversity of thought on the left.

He was a frequent guest contributor on MSNBC, where his boyish charm and hipster glasses were a perfect fill-in for Rachel Maddow, when her boyish charm and hipster glasses were missing, or Chris Hayes when his boyish charm and hipster glasses were missing.

Seriously, with all the gay activism running around that place you mean to tell me they all use the same stylist? And it's Keith Olbermann's old stylist?

But Ezra has struck out on his own to form a website that "does a better job explaining the news" a.k.a. "You're not buying what MSNBC and the New York Times feeds you, and I want more money".

Downright entrepreneurial capitalism, isn't it Ezra?