1. Always blame a Republican or Conservative. If you don't have one, make one up and blame that one.
Ex: George Zimmerman, The Heritage Foundation on Obamacare, Romney killing a man's wife by not caring...etc.

2. Black, Gay, Female, nor any other protected minority status means a damn thing unless the victim is a liberal.
Ex: Jesse Jackson saying you can't be black man and not vote for health care, Martin Bashir suggesting that someone O'Donnell on Sarah Palin's eyes and Schultz in her mouth, Alec Baldwin is a "friend of the gay community"...etc.

3. If government doesn't do it, it didn't happen. If government can't do it legally, we need to give them the power to do it. If government has done it and it isn't working, it's because not enough goverment was applied.
Ex: Stimulus, Healthcare, Sarbanes-Oxley, Dodd-Frank, QE1, 2, 3...etc.

4. Attach justice to any word where you don't have a law, or don't like the law, and you have an instant cause.
Ex: Social, Environmental, Marriage, Climate....etc.

5. Contracts fail to have legitamcy when they are written down, ergo, the most powerful contract is the unwritten "social contract".
Ex: Freakin' everything that involves the redistribution of wealth, a.k.a. everything...

6. The Democrat party can rely more on the ignorance of, and display more contempt for, its base than any other political group.
Ex: Obama the centrist, the "nuclear option" on the filibuster.

Updated (12/13/2013):

7. The theater of liberalism is its primary result, and that's why liberals don't bother with those pesky results.

This one is borrowed from Alinsky, but it is so universal today. Obamacare, the Mandela funeral, the income inequality crap...