Spirit of Tony the Peanut Man alive at St. Patrick's Day parade

NORTH CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) — If you were out at the North Charleston St. Patrick's Day Parade Saturday, chances are you ran into someone selling peanuts. Who can forget Tony the Peanut man? He died last year, but his family hit the streets, to keep his legacy alive.

“Peanuts, peanuts! Got some roasted, got some boiled, got some fried!”

Selling his peanuts, it can be bittersweet.

"He's missed really bad now, he really is. Everybody miss him, I know I do," friend, James Joyner said.

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Tony the Peanut Man died last November but his famous peanuts live on thanks to Joyner and brother William Lee.

"I hope you enjoy these peanuts. Tony will love you, alright alight,” Lee said to a person buying a bag.

Selling peanuts helps Lee stay connected.

"I feel great selling my brother's peanuts. Just gives me a part that he's right here with me. I feel him right here, right now," Lee said.

He realizes he's got big shoes to fill.

“There will never be another Tony,” Lee said.

But he's willing to try.

The same great flavor. Served up with a handshake and a hug. But it wouldn't be complete without the jingle.

“Got some boiled! Got some hot! Got some toasted! Got some roasted! Yay! Peanut man, I got the right one baby,” Lee sang.

Lee said they are working on a Tony the Peanut Man foundation now. The money will go towards helping students in the Charleston area further their education.

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