North Charleston Police Warns Residents of 'Let Go' App After Robberies


North Charleston police are warning people about buying and selling app known as 'Let Go'. Police say some are using it to rob people at gun point.

Since Saturday, January 20, at least three people have been robbed while trying to buy or sell items on 'Let Go' in the North Charleston area.

The cases are similar. They happen at night, many times two or more suspects show up and victims say the suspects have a gun.

Thursday night we talked to Richard Strain who said his girlfriend signed up for 'Let Go'.

Strain says they wanted to make a little cash by selling their Nintendo gaming system.

Richard Strain said, “She was trying to sell stuff, she did not need anymore and just ended up being in a bad situation.”

Last Saturday they got a hit about someone wanting to buy their Nintendo.

Police say they arranged to meet up with a man using the screen name Herald Dixon on Yearling Drive at 8 p.m.

The victims say they pulled up, got out and three men walked up to them.

"They had a gun on my girlfriend and me” and Richard says they took, “a wallet, phone and bag with all her medicine in it”.

Police say they are not the only victims.

Since Saturday two more robberies took place and it all started with the 'Let Go' app.

Lt. Kyle Jamison said, “If you are going to buy from John Doe on the 'Let Go' app make sure he has sold before. If he has sold look at his reviews.”

Officer Jamison also says he recommends meeting up in a public area during the day and at a North Charleston safe zone.

“If you can met up at 4 p.m. or in the afternoon at the South or North precinct you reduce the chances of it becoming a robbery.”

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