Lowcountry pharmacies stocked tamiflu for children

With the flu still raging around the country, Tamiflu has been in high demand. 

Some national pharmacies such as CVS and Walgreens have reported not having the liquid form in Charleston for small children.

Wednesday, we called around to see if local pharmacies within the Lowcountry had the children Tamiflu in stock, and a good number of them do.

"We have stayed very well stocked throughout the season so far. We have not run out at all because we are able to order from our whole sellers and secondary whole sellers, so a lot of larger chains aren't able to do that," said Shannon Busby, a Staff Pharmacist at the Plantation Pharmacy on James Island

Another option some smaller pharmacies are able to do during flu season is to make the medicine if needed.

"We try to replicate what the manufacturer made with the pills so we make it in liquid form for them, so it's the same dosing as the manufacturer," said Jennifer Molony, a Pharmacy Technician at Tide Water Pharmacy in Mount Pleasant.

The liquid form can then be safe for young children to take.

Both national and local pharmacies in the area have all reported having the Tamiflu pills for adults and older children.

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