Helicopter crashes near Daniel Island

A woman told Charleston Police that she was trying to acquire her private helicopter license when a drone entered her flying space causing a collision with a tree line.

Police say the incident happened on Wednesday, February 14 at around 3:30 p.m. near Daniel Island Drive and Village Crossing Drive.

The private helicopter instructor with Holy City Helicopters, told police the woman was practicing her low impact and hover taxi maneuvers.

During the lesson, the man told police that a drone got in the way prompting him to take control of the helicopter making aerial moves to avoid the drone.

The Federal Aviation Authority says a Robinson R22 helicopter struck a tree and the crash landed about seven miles southeast of Charleston.

While attempting to land, the instructor told police the helicopter’s tail rudder collided with a bush causing him to lose control of the helicopter, but was then able to land the helicopter on the rear of the landing skids turning to its side.

The instructor told police he then contacted the Federal Aviation Authority, Charleston International Airport and the owner.

The owner told police an FAA representative requested the helicopter instructor be drug tested and gave an estimated $180,000 in damages and said the helicopter is totaled.

Charleston Police says no injuries were reported of the woman or instructor.

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