Dorchester County Traffic Studies...

 Dorchester County, S.C. (WCIV) — Good news for those who fight traffic in Dorchester County.

Dorchester County Council passed an ordinance this week requiring developers do traffic studies for all new major subdivisions.

According to the new ordinance, a traffic study will be required for:

  • All major subdivisions

  • Any multi-family or non-residential development activity that would generate more than 50 trips during a peak hour or generate more than 500 trips during any single day.

The goal is for developers to make traffic improvements during construction.

“This is an important and proactive step to ensure we have adequate roads as growth occurs,” said Jay Byars, Dorchester County council chairman. He called it a "forward-thinking" policy.

Following a traffic study, improvements to traffic flow will be required and must be completed prior to final plat approval.

The Dorchester County engineer may use his or her best engineering judgement to determine the most effective solution.


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