Should marching band to count as P.E. credit ?

Columbia, S.C. (WCIV) — Senate Bill 302 is set to be discussed by lawmakers tomorrow at the South Carolina Statehouse.

The bill, If passed by the senate, will change the physical education (P.E.) requirements to graduate from any high school in South Carolina. Senate Bill 302 would allow students and parents to choose between P.E. classes, J.R.O.T.C., or marching band for the one hour elective required to graduate.

Right now, all students must take a P.E. class to graduate.

Anna Timpone, a West Ashley mother of four, says that she encourages physical activities with her kids.

“I think it's important, the kids need choices," she said.

Timpone has one child getting ready for high school and she wants her child to be able to make the choice between P.E., band or J.R.O.T.C.

The bill was introduced by Senator Vincent Sheheen (D)-Kershaw.

Lowcountry congressman Marvin Pendarvis is also in favor of the bill.

"I support it, I think it's much needed, I think it's another avenue for a student who wants to satisfy that physical education requirement and who happens to be in marching band and be able to do it,” says Pendarvis.

Pendarvis says the debate in Columbia is whether or not students will get an adequate physical workout and health education if they choose the marching band.

The bill will be discussed by lawmakers tomorrow in the education committee and if it passes, will move on to the House.


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