Adult Drug Court graduates thankful for 2nd chance

Charleston, S.C. (WCIV) — On Wednesday, the latest class of the Adult Drug Court graduated from the program in downtown Charleston.

The program was created for first time offenders and those battling addiction to prevent re-arrest.

Alfred Williams was one of those who graduated.

“There's a lot of options outside of the drug and street life,” he said.

Williams was facing up to three years behind bars after he said he was caught by police dealing drugs.

“I was so anxious to get the things that are not important. Clothes, you know, just basically having things and not going about it the right way to achieve those things," he said.

The 35-year-old father from North Charleston was given a second chance through the Charleston County Adult Drug Court.

Williams said he’s learned life skills from the program.

“The program is designed around structure, discipline, honesty and dedication," he said.

During the 14 months it took Williams to complete the program, he's maintained a job, went to Alcoholics Anonymous and took other courses to ensure he stayed on track.

“There's other outlets there, you just have to keep an open mind and figure out what you want to do, find something you enjoy doing.” Williams said.

For Williams, his son was all the motivation he needed.

“Him seeing the reaction of the people (at graduation) who counted on me, and were looking forward to me completing the program, that's an eye-opener for him. He can actually know what it's like to accomplish and achieve something."

Every graduate was recognized by the judge for their work in the program.

North Charleston Police Chief, Reggie Burgess, also spoke passionately about the days ahead for the participants.

Drug charges will no longer be beside Alfred Williams' name. His record is now expunged. He's looking forward to the time and freedom he's been granted.

“I surround myself with family, look forward to the enjoyable moments in life,” he added.

Adult Drug Court is a nationwide program that started back in 1998.


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